Wine Tasting: 🇺🇸 Zinfandel vs. 🇮🇹 Primitivo [Italian – English Wine Vocab]

#DolceVitaBloggers 2019Welcome back to the first #DolceVitaBloggers of 2019!

#DolceVitaBloggers is a link up for Italy lovers hosted by myself, Kelly of, Jasmine of, and Kristie of #DolceVitaBloggers is open for submissions of Italy-related blog posts or YouTube videos starting the third Sunday of each month (January – October 2019). Think of it as a bilingual, virtual aperitivo hour to connect with your fellow Italophiles! You can find out all the details about #DolceVitaBloggers here, or please contact me with any further questions about how to participate!

I am getting my #DolceVitaBlogger submission in this month just in the nick of time! I filmed a video tasting Primitivo from Puglia and Zinfandel from the Central Coast of California side by side. I have head that Zinfandel & Primitivo are actually the same grape variety, but I wanted see for myself how similar they are, and the influence that Californian & Italian terroir have on the grape. I also included some key wine terminology in English & Italian so that language learning can be as easy and fun as wine tasting!

Zinfandel vs Primitivo wine tasting
Zinfandel & Primitivo are said the be the same grape variety, but do they taste the same?

I made sure that all variables except the country of origin were the same, including:

  • The cost: around $5.99 each from Trader Joe’s
  • The vintage: 2017
  • Climate: both from coastal regions (although temperatures in each location might vary a bit)

I recently got my WSET Level 2 certification, and I miss studying for it! I definitely want to continue my formal wine education eventually, but I figured I could still practice and I apply what I’ve learned in the meantime. There is SO MUCH to learn about wine, I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning (and that’s OK)!

I used the WSET Level 2 systematic approach to wine tasting to describe the appearance, nose, and palate of each wine. You can find the handy WSET Level 2 tasting chart in English & Italian online.


I am so excited that I finally have a computer that can handle video, and feel reasonably comfortable with editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. If you want to get into video editing, I have learned everything so far from YouTube tutorials and this AMAZING comprehensive tutorial on Skillshare. I can’t say that I feel 100% comfortable on camera yet, but that is EXACTLY why I want to make videos…there is something oddly satisfying about growing from discomfort. What matters to me more than feeling comfortable is sharing my passion for food & wine, all while learning Italian and I hope that Italian speakers can learn a little English from me too. I have so much planned for my YouTube channel and blog that I am bursting with excitement! The fact that you are here from the beginning MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.

What is your favorite Primitivo or Zinfandel? I’d love to try it next!

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1 year ago

I enjoyed watching your video, Kelly! Learned about wine terminology in English and Italian. Congratulations on getting your WSET Level 2 Certification! #dolcevitabloggers

Gina Martino Zarcadoolas

Great video Kelly! You provide some valuable information….Cheers!

LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia

I really enjoyed watching this video!! You did a great job explaining the wines in a way that anyone can understand! I don’t think I’ve ever had a Primitivo,I think I’ll pick one up the next time I stop by the store! I’ll let you know what I think! 🙂

Kristie Prada
1 year ago

You’re becoming so natural at this Kelly! I love watching you on video! And you know a lot about wine! I am hopeless on this topic! Really excited to see where your channels are going this year!


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1 year ago

Kelly, I know I commented on YouTube but I wanted to leave one here too! I fully enjoyed your video on these two wines, I felt like I learnt SO MUCH. It’s those little things that you mentioned, those “chicche” of wisdom that I think I can use or bring up when with company or out at a restaurant!

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