Why I’m sharing my experience learning Italian online

The number one problem I have learning a foreign language is PERFECTIONISM – the fear of making a mistake. 

I’m so afraid of making a mistake that I don’t even give myself the opportunity to make any mistakes at all. (I’m talking about speaking here, which is my end goal).

Now, intellectually I know that not making mistakes is the most terrible mistake of all. But my pride..oh my pride…you’d think it had walked into a fire. 

My mistake is holding my Italian grammar to the same standards of English. 

I’ve decided to look fear in face. 

 I’m going to share my experience learning Italian on the Internet. 

My hope is that I not only get over my fear, but also encourage and inspire other language learners along the way. I want to show what the process of learning a language is actually like, not just the final outcome. 

I also decided that it’s time to practice what I preach. I teach English to international students, and I’m always astounded how well some of them have learned English. I’ve learned theories in grad school about second language acquisition, but I want to experience it myself. 

I’m a major nerd who would love to be a lifetime student and conduct research…so I’m making myself the guinea pig. 

Plus, I’m not a fan of flash cards and writing things down is the best way for me to remember. 

In addition to learning from mistakes, one of the most important things about learning a language is consistency. Blogging regularly about my progress will help keep me accountable

I welcome you to follow along if you’d like to see my progress in Italian, learn Italian with me…or if you already speak Italian, gently correct me! 

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