What’s your soul flavor?


It all started with a silly question that I overheard while waiting in line at Starbucks:

“If your soul had a flavor, what would it be?” 

One barista was waxing poetic about how if her soul had a flavor, it would be strong coffee with a dash or cream (caffè con uno goccio di panna). The other barista was giving her the side eyes, you know the ones that say WTF are you talking about, you are out of your mind! But I silently nodded in agreement, “yeah, I get you girl.” If we can have a “spirit animal,” why not a soul flavor?

I’ve been really trying to improve my Italian grammar and stop sounding like a caveman who only uses the present, past, or future. I want to be able to talk about the hypothetical. You know, the deep, meaningful important conversations like, “if your soul had a flavor, what would it be?” 😉

Translation is like the totally misunderstood, totally underrated red-headed step child of language learning. I am a huge fan of translation, assuming it is not the only method you use. I for one, want to be able to translate effortlessly between English & Italian (which is a lot harder than it seems). Not to mention, translation highlights the similarities and differences between English & Italian grammar. It signals a red flag whenever I can’t translate word for word and have to adjust my way of thinking. Just a caveat: it’s best to have a bilingual English/Italian speaker help you with the translation, rather than relying on a computer generated translation.

So today ladies and gentleman, I present to you the to talk about unreal or imaginary situations like soul flavors.

If your soul had a flavor, what would it be?

Se la tua anima avesse un sapore, quale sarebbe? 

My soul flavor would be a Bicerin: chocolate, coffee, and cream.

Il sapore della mia anima sarebbe un Bicerin: cioccolato, caffè e crema. 

I love this question because it’s fun and memorable. Studying grammar doesn’t have to come from books. It can be fun and silly. You don’t even have to study an entire verb tense all at once. It can be consumed in fun-sized pieces. 

  • Do you like to use translation for language learning?
  • If your soul had a flavor, what would it be? (Let me know in the comments!)




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Yes, I like to use translation to learn Italian. I have recently added some apps which I find useful. I was looking for parallel text apps and found these. Of course, I am limited to the books that they have on the app. A friend recently bought L’Isola di Arturo for me but it is tough going. You cannot find ‘every’ book to translate. Allora…..I am using Parallel Books and another app called Parallel Texts. Let me know what you think.

Lucy and Kelly

You inspire us so much! We are finding the grammar so difficult, but are always trying to translate everything we hear or read now, by asking Nanna or looking it up. Just yesterday we were reading an article about Chiara and Fedez and were practicing our pronunciations while trying to translate every word. It was even tricky for Nanna to try and explain the words when blended together in different contexts! :p Hmm we love the idea of having soul flavours. We love black coffee, especially our Lavazza and Kimbo, and we have a little sugar, but we would have… Read more »

Questa Dolce Vita (@questadolcevita)

Kelly! Omigosh, you’ve stumbled upon the grammar that literally CHANGES YOUR LIFE. Hypothetical situations. I’m not being dramatic, when you start using these, they CHANGE EVERYTHING because you finally, finally have an opinon on things and can reminisce and think about things you would change, you would do, you would have done and all that! Ahhhh!!!! Se la mia anima avesse un sapore, sarebbe…amarena ahaha, un po’ dolciastro πŸ˜‰

LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia

I’m still working on conditional sentences in Italian – I always feel like I should know it by now after having taught English conditionals to students for so many years. Eventually I’ll get it – my students always tell me not to worry because most Italians don’t even know how to use it! So you are definitely one step ahead! πŸ™‚

What would my soul flavor be?! Hmmm lately I feel like I’m channeling a Spritz, trying to be light, bubbly and colourful with that little buzz that leaves you wanting more… πŸ˜‰