My experience requesting documents from Italy | Dual Citizenship

In August 2014 I wrote about my anguish over discovering that five years (now seven) had passed since I started *attempting* to collect all of the documents required for Italian dual citizenship jure sanguinis.

I don’t know why I didn’t just jump in full force right then in August of 2014 and compile all of those documents. I suppose it’s because I got distracted by life (again). Sometimes the drudgery of everyday life keeps us on a hamster wheel that’s impossible to escape.

I often think about how my life would be different now had I done the things I wanted to do years ago. I mean, I could have already been an Italian citizen by now! Would I be living in Italy? I believe, or at least try to believe, that everything happens at the right time, call it divine timing if you will. But why this timing? I may never know, but I’ll take it.

Seven has always been my lucky number, ever since I was seven. Big things I’ve always dreamed about are happening seven years since I (attempted) to start them, like writing a draft of my novel. And now, seven years later, the ball is finally rolling for my dual citizenship.

Today, I am on cloud nine that what I thought would be the hardest step was easy as pie and is now completed: getting documents from Italy. 

A few months ago I drafted a letter (using a template) to request my great-grandparents’ birth and marriage certificates from Italy. I didn’t send it right away. I’m not sure why…I suppose I wanted to have a native speaker check the letter to make sure it was acceptable. Dual citizenship went to the back of my mind again.

Then, for no other reason than I was inspired to do so, I sent off my letter to Italy on Easter Sunday.

I thought for sure I would have to wait and wait because…Italy. (Well, its reputation for bureaucracy at least).


Since Monday was a holiday in Italy, that means they sent me the birth certificates on the same day they received my request. FOR FREE. 

I contacted the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles to confirm that printing the certificates by email would suffice, and they said YES! AND THEY RESPONDED WITHIN AN HOUR!

It’s an Easter miracle. The resurrection of my dream to obtain dual citizenship (although it means more than just a passport to me). Sometimes it’s nice to have something work out so effortlessly, especially when everything else sometimes feels like a struggle.

The next step is to request all of the American birth/marriage/death/certificates all the way back to my great-grandparents, which is going to cost around $20+ per certificate, not to mention I have to get most forms notarized.

So far in regards to ease and efficiency, it’s Italy-1, USA-0.



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