Our Little White House in Positano [Positano Series: Part 3]

Sometimes the things we desire the most, scare us the most. 

Which turns out to be true for me with Positano.

If you haven’t read my post “What nobody told me about Positano” yet, read it first to find out why I was considering leaving Positano early.

In this post, I’m going to reveal what changed my mind.


You know when you arrive in a new place and you are completely disoriented as to where things are located in relation to each other?

I was crushed because our accommodations were just above Bagni d’Arienzo on the map and I wanted to be in Positano, but thought I had reserved a room in Nocelle. If you’re confused, so was I.

Positano map

One of the main activities we wanted to do was hike the Path of the Gods, so I found a reasonably priced   and spacious apartment right near the trailhead in Nocelle at the Villa Degli DeiOr, at least that’s what I thought I had reserved online.

A few weeks before our arrival, I got a very friendly message from Villa Degli Dei to check in first at Hotel Eden Roc and then they would take us to our room. Hmmm I thought. How is Hotel Eden Roc associated with our place? I just thought that it was a courtesy because maybe our place was difficult for tourists to find or something?

From Hotel Eden Roc, our driver took us further and further away from Positano, until it was just a cluster of white in the distance. I was a little stunned when he stopped right off of the strada statale at a little white house that didn’t seem to be part of any hotel, neither Hotel Eden Roc or Villa Degli Dei.

Casetta Arienzo Positano
Where are we? #confused
Positano, Italy
Positano, why are you so far away? (View from Arienzo Beach)

That first night I was so focused on getting to Positano to live out my Under the Tuscan Sun dreams and see if Marcello was there to offer me some limoncello that I didn’t realize until the morning that there was a beach right below us and I could see a staircase leading to it!

It turns out we were located 300 steps away from Bagni d’Arienzo (Arienzo Beach). It was like having exclusive access to (in my opinion) the best and most beautiful beach in Positano! I mean, look at this dream!

Arienzo Beach, Positano, Italy
View of Arienzo Beach walking down the 300 steps

Lesson: Sometimes we get something even better than we ask for in a way we never could have planned.


We grew quite fond of our “little white house,” as we called it. I didn’t know it at the time, but it actually has a name: Casetta Arienzo.

It has not one, but TWO balconies with amazing views.

Casetta Arienzo balcony view

To prove we really are clinging to the side of a cliff, the bathroom wall is made out of rock.

Casetta Arienzo bathroom

And it has the most awkward bathtub in the world…Awkward bathtub

And we even had chickens as neighbors.

Chickens in Positano
What’s up neighbors!


One night the kitchen faucet started leaking, so we called the number provided for the Hotel Eden Roc front desk. My dad tried to explain that we were not actually at the hotel, but in the “little white house” (which had been an adequate description to get us home by taxi the night before!). The guy at the desk was super confused until my dad mentioned, we have chickens! And the he was like, “OH, YES! I know where you are!” Next thing we knew, we had Mario & Luigi (how they jokingly referred to themselves – one was short and the other tall and skinny) from the front desk trying to fix our sink. We had lots of good laughs, but a leaky sink until the plumber came to fix it the next morning.


We have so many good memories of Casetta Arienzo, our little white house in Positano.

While writing this post, I found out that our “little white house” as we called it, is actually called “Casetta Arienzo,” and you can book it online through Villa Degli Dei, Hotel Eden Roc, or Airbnb. Italian efficiency at its finest. 😉

If you choose to book Casetta Arienzo or other accommodations through Airbnb, you can get $35 credit for your first reservation using my link! (And it also helps me earn Airbnb credit too! Win-win.)

From the lobby, Hotel Eden Roc looked like a wonderful place to stay as well if you prefer a more central location…and I am still dreaming of staying at Le Sirenuse one day….hint hint future husband. 😉

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