Life & blog update: What’s Italian at Heart about? {Aperitivo Chat}

“So what exactly is your blog about?” my mom asked recently. (She’s my go to person for her excellent eye for detail).

Then it occurred to me that maybe YOU don’t know exactly what my blog is about either, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to have an aperitivo chat and fill you in. So grab your favorite drink and some snacks, and let’s chat!

If you landed on my blog because you love Italian food or are learning Italian or hopefully both, then you’re in the right place! In a nutshell, Italian at Heart is about learning Italian through cuisine. 

I write Italian at Heart along with my amore, Alberto. We met because we wanted to learn each others languages, and we bonded over our love of food (cooking and eating!) and that’s how we decided to start a blog together.

We originally started posting recipes on our blog Goldilocks & Bear (a play on our nicknames). We have since decided to switch to in order to have more features and decided to use, my existing URL.

We are working on transferring all of our recipes onto this site, and have lots of new food and language related content in the works! Our ideas come faster than we can get them onto the world wide web, so thank you for sticking with us and checking back in!

For more about our purpose & passion behind Italian at Heart, I suggest the following:

But in all actuality, Italian at Heart is so much more than that. It’s the resurrection -new life- of my culinary dreams. 

Earlier this year my blogger friend Jenn wrote about her word of the year and invited me to share mine. I couldn’t really explain why, but I was drawn to the word resurrection. A few moments of beautiful synchronicity has made it clear why this is the perfect word for me.

In a recent moment of doubt and despair over my career, I turned to my stash of inspirational books for solace. I couldn’t find the book I had in mind, so I pulled a random one off the shelf, opened it to a random page and read:

If you are currently immersed in a career or life path that makes you miserable in any way, you are in the wrong place and you are not on the path to fulfilling your promise. You need to take time to change that.” The Source of Miracles, Kathleen McGowan

To me, resurrection represents turning pain into beauty; new life for old dreams.

I could pinch myself and cry tears of joy that life is circling back around and scooping up all of my unfulfilled desire and making them reality. And if you’re curious about what the “pain” is about in relation to my career, this post, “The Truth about the Academic Job Market” by History in High Heels explains it all.

Italian at Heart timeline

I can’t wait to share more of what I’ve been working on with you because it is such a dream come true for me. I want to be a different kind of teacher now: one who shows rather than tells how to learn. I don’t want to be limited to the walls of the classroom. Learning is truly my greatest joy in life, and it is best done creatively, without institutional limits. I am so much more than a teacher. I am a learner, a teacherpreneur, a blogger, a writer, an encourager, a dreamer, a creator, a home cook, an oenophiliac, an Italophile. And since I couldn’t find a job that fit this description, I created my own. Sometimes you have to choose yourself.

In order to be more consistent, I am creating a content schedule:

  • Wednesdays will be all about learning Italian through wine or food tastings, or other culinary adventures.
  • Saturdays will feature a recipe, made from scratch with high quality ingredients.

Although Alberto’s nickname is “calendar man,” I am notorious for doing things on a whim. So to leave a little room for spontaneity and freedom, whenever we have something related to a life or blog update, expect an aperetivo chat like this one where you can get to know us better.

If you’re reading this, thank you for being here. It means the world to me!

xo Kelly

P.S. Just for giggles, you can dare un occhiata (take a peek) at my first attempt at blogging here!





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Ciao, I'm Kelly!

Welcome to my adventures in learning Italian, often while cooking authentic Italian recipes and wine tasting! I love discovering the traditional regional cuisine of Italy and trying to recreate those dishes when I'm back home in the US. I'm also on my way to becoming an Italian citizen through jure sanguinis (by ancestry).

WSET Level 2 Certified Wine Blogger


Join me for a virtual "aperitivo chat" to get exclusive updates on my Italian progress, dual citizenship journey, plus food & wine adventures in the Bel Paese and beyond!

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Lisa DeNunzio
2 years ago

Great going Kelly. Non preoccupare!!! I will eagerly follow alog. Love cooking and language as well.

2 years ago

Meglio tardi che mai! Better late than never, although the older I get, the more I realize that the timelines I’ve set for myself, in the long run, don’t matter. Well, they better not, as that ship has sailed!
All the best on your very challenging posting schedule. And congratulations on your blog’s excellent name!

2 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

I try to do 2 posts a month and I find that difficult sometimes. And don’t get me started on the timeline for the book I’m working on …

2 years ago
Reply to  Kelly


2 years ago

WOW! and YAY!! Super schedule Kelly with the blog posts. And amazing how Italy just kept tugging you back. Hoping you are in Torino this time?? xx

2 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

I know…. Me too πŸ™

Questa Dolce Vita (@questadolcevita)

Kelly dearest LOVE THIS. My favorite thing was the timeline explained the evolution of your blog (and life!) but I also love this idea of “aperitivo chat” AND the fact that you’ve established publish dates for your blog. YES!!!

Anne Allen
Anne Allen
2 years ago

Started learning italian in my sixties. It’s a struggle but I love it and your blog sounds inspirational.

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