“L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle”

Le nozze = marriage, nuptuals

Il matrimonio = wedding

Luna di miele = honeymoon

Just over a year ago, Amal Alamuddin was then 35, gorgeous, and extremely successful as a human rights lawyer…but still single. Her friend thought the qualities she was looking for in a man “could not realistically be found in one person.” (I’ve heard that one before too, sister! But the heart is always right!) 

Then she met George. In Italy, at a fundraiser.

George Clooney has said that he would never marry again, but that didn’t stop him from dating. And dating.

One year later, George and Amal married in Venice on September 27, 2014. (Beautiful pictures here from Vanity Fair Italia.)

The odds may have been against them with Amal’s “impossible” list of Mr. Perfect and George’s reluctance to get married again, but the odds for their marriage lasting are certainly in their favor. According to this article from Time, the number one reason for their marriage thriving is that they’re old. Haha.

But no, really. My managers from my first job when I was 17 all told me not to get married until after 30 because that’s when you really know yourself. Certainly though, I think there are the rare couples who marry young and happily stay together.

The point is, when love happens, it happens with perfect timing. It turns the impossible into the possible:

L’amor che move it sole e le altre stelle.  {Divina Commedia, Dante Alighieri}

Love that moves the sun and the other stars. {The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri}

A love like that can be nothing short of Divine.

I love that George has always had a thing for Italy. In fact, when I was at Lake Como, I tried to guess which villa was his. I love that Italy played such a big part in blossoming George and Amal’s romance. Even more, I am inspired that true love is never late nor impossible.

Blessings to Mr. & Mrs. Clooney!


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