La Dolce Vita Bloggers Linkup {April 2017}

I’d like to invite you to participate in the second “La Dolce Vita” Bloggers linkup! 

Dolce Vita Bloggers Linkup

We all know the phrase that the Federico Fellini movie of the same name made famous: “La Dolce Vita.” What is “the sweet life?” Does it truly exist? Or is it just a cliche?

I believe that “La Dolce Vita” is whatever you want it to be. Every month, I reflect on what has made life sweet and invite other bloggers to join me.

{What is the purpose of this linkup?}

  • To make life sweeter and more memorable by reflecting on the good at the end of each month
  • To create a community of bloggers who want to genuinely connect and support each other
  • To inspire & be inspired

{Who can participate?}

Any and all bloggers are invited to participate! Whether you are a lifestyle, food, or travel blogger etc. you are welcome!

{How do you participate?}

  1. Write a blog post responding to these seven simple prompts:
  • An epiphany
  • Someone who inspires  you
  • An act of kindness given or received
  • A good read (or movie, podcast, etc.)
  • An unforgettable memory
  • Something delicious
  • Something you’re looking forward to

2. Share a link to your post in the comments below so we can check out your blog and leave a comment!

3. If you use Instagram, share your post with #dolcevitabloggers!

Any other questions about the linkup? Contact me! 


Without further ado, here is my #dolcevitabloggers post for April 2017.

An epiphany

So last month, I wrote about finally believing that I am a writer. This month, I’m working on the belief that I can actually make a living writing.

You know how you have to hear things several times, or at the right time, or from the right person, in order for it to really sink in?

Well, I’ve heard about “the law of attraction” for years and how you’re supposed to “visualize” your dreams as if they were already true.

The problem is…my brain is really good at filtering out B.S. When I’m on my way to work and I’m visualizing myself as a successful writer…my brain is like, “Ha! No you’re not! You wish!” And then I start feeling like it’s impossible. Just how I’m going to get from where I am to where I want to be? I worry about how long it will take…and it all just seems impossible and my visualization that was supposed to lift me up spirals me into depression that my dreams are so far out of reach.

One of the things I’m constantly working on is my “money story.” I always had everything I needed and more growing up, but for some reason I have always been worried about money as an adult. Perhaps it’s because the professions I’m drawn to – teaching and writing – are notoriously stigmatized as low paying jobs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “teachers (or writers) don’t make much money.”

I read an article in the newspaper the other day about a teacher who has made over a million dollars selling her lesson plans on And writing made J.K. Rowling a billionaire and Elizabeth Gilbert a multi-millionaire.

(So there you go brain, proof that you can make money teaching and writing. Don’t listen to society’s limiting beliefs!)

Because I’m constantly working on my money mindset, I signed up for I Heart my Life’s Scared or Rich training, and she said something that really hit home for me:

How would it feel to actually believe that your ‘something big’ is truly possible for you?”

For me, it’s all about semantics. If I say, “I am a successful writer!” My brain signals it as B.S. But if I ask myself, “how would it feel to be a successful writer?” then there is no resistance because all I’m asking my brain to do is imagine the feeling. I am not trying to trick my brain into believing something that obviously isn’t true.

Asking myself “how would it feel if…” is a game changer for how I visualize my dreams. There is a lightness of non-resistance where possibility dwells.

Someone who inspires me

Right now I’m really feeling inspired by Helene from the blog .

Her posts about Instagram and blogging are always so useful and informative. I love how I can walk away from one of her posts with actionable steps to authentically improve my blog or Instagram.

Most of all, she has over 40,000 Instagram followers and still manages to reply to nearly every comment (which I think is so important and I strive to do the same). The other day she posted about how she imagines being at the beach when she feels stressed (I do the same!). I really appreciate when people are authentic – and that even if we do manage to live our dreams, we still have off days. It made feel a whole lot better about where I am in life, and takes the pressure off expecting my dreams to magically make my life perfect.

Another reason why Helene inspires me is she takes big action to live out her dreams! She moved From Texas to Germany so that she could travel Europe. She is living her dream life, but also enabling the dreams of others by sharing how she does it on her blog.

An act of kindness

I want to thank everyone on Instagram who has left a genuine, authentic comment – a word of encouragement and support is the ultimate act of kindness. Sometimes I feel so disgusted and discouraged by the fakeness on Instagram and social media – overly edited and posed photos, bots leaving comments and following/unfollowing…yet I have met so many wonderful, kind, genuine people on Instagram that it’s worth it. It means the world to me to be able to connect with all of you!

A good read (listen, watch, etc.)

Right now I am currently reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. The plot structure is reminiscent of Love Actually – lots of characters and intertwining stories. The writing is beautiful, elegant and descriptive, and the characters and plot are interesting. I’m in the middle of the book though, and a new character was just introduced. For some reason I feel like the flow of the story has been interrupted (even though this character is totally relevant, I feel l like a lot of the details about his life are not). I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how everything connects in the end! Have you read it? What did you think?

On YouTube, I’ve been listening to a lot of Italiano Automatico in strada. I find the English/Italian subtitles incredibly helpful and I love hearing how people naturally speak.

An unforgettable memory

This month I got to see some of my relatives who live far away in Arizona, and others who live in California. Even though their visit was prompted by the passing of my aunt’s brother-in-law, I am so grateful for the opportunity to see them. I just can’t get enough of family time – especially our prank call tradition. My city is known for quickie weddings, so we called a local wedding chapel to inquire about their wedding packages and if it includes the groom. Prank calls are not just for kids, y’all.

Something delicious

First I was obsessed with Moscato years ago when I was a wine newbie. It goes down like honey. And then I started taming down my sweet tooth (aka drinking my coffee black…not baking cakes anymore …etc.).

Now I prefer savory cocktails, like dirty Martinis, or slightly drier wines (but not too dry). So when I discovered Prosecco, it was love at first taste. I love anything bubbly!

Although Prosecco will always be my #1, this month I discovered Lambrusco, a slightly frizzante red wine from Italy. The Lambrusco I tried was only slightly sweet, and so fun to drink.

Something I’m looking forward to

I am looking forward to feeling the sun again! This has been the winter that never ends (it has seriously been cold for like 7 months now!) Have you ever felt so vitamin D deprived that your body is just CRAVING it???

I look forward to reading all of your #dolcevitabloggers posts!!!


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3 years ago

Thank you, Kelly for creating the link up. Focusing on the positive is such a great way to end the month!

Questa Dolce Vita (@questadolcevita)

Oh darn! I would have definitely done this if I had known! Let me know when you do the next one!! P.S. Love Beautiful Ruins. Are you a big Italy lit reader? If so, I have so many books I could tell you about!

2 years ago

What an awesome idea, Kelly. I’ll participate in the next one, too. I wish I had known you when I passed through Florence this summer. C’e’ sempre l’anno prossimo 😉

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