#DolceVitaBloggers 2019 Updates

#DolceVitaBloggers on Vacation until January 2019

Exciting times! #DolceVitaBloggers is almost 1 year old…unlike a 1 year, we CAN drink some Prosecco, so let’s get popping! However, like a 1 year old, we do need a nap…ahem vacation.

#DolceVitaBloggers Survey

Last month, your #DolceVitaBloggers hosts, Kelly of italianatheart.com, Jasmine of Questadolcevita.com, and Kristie of Mammaprada.com, sent out a survey to ask your opinion on the future of the link up. This is your community as much as ours, and we don’t want to make decisions without you.

If you would still like to give your input, you can still take the #DolceVitaBloggers survey here.

The Future of #DolceVitaBloggers

The results of the survey were so heartwarming! Many of you said that your favorite thing about the #DolceVitaBloggers link up is the community, and that’s a direct reflection of all of YOU! Thank you all for being such a fun, supportive group where real friendships are made, all because of our shared love of Italy!

DVB Facebook Group
Click the picture to join the #DolceVitaBloggers Facebook group!

What’s new for #DolceVitaBloggers in 2019:

Going on Vacation until January 2019

We know that the holiday season from November to December is a whirlwind. We had already planned topics for November & December, but as this our first year hosting the link up, we are still learning.

In the survey, 57% agreed that it would be nice to take a break during the holiday season. That way we can all be present with friends & family and come back in 2019 refreshed.

If you have already planned a blog post for either the November or December topics, please feel free to still publish your post, or save it for next year.

Link Up Topics

Although most people preferred to have a specific writing prompt for the link up, some people would rather have a more open-ended topic. We have decided to do both! You will now be able to link up any Italy related blog or vlog. However, if you desire, we will still have a list of prompts that you can choose from for a little writing inspiration!

#DolceVitaBloggers Facebook Group

Another common suggestion was to create a #DolceVitaBloggers FaceBook group as a central place where we can all communicate. Note: You may join the group with your blog page if you’d like.

Join the #DolceVitaBloggers Facebook Group here! 

The FaceBook group will be a place to:

  • Ask questions/give suggestions
  • Share our blog posts
  • Network & connect

Make sure that you have selected to receive notifications and to check the FaceBook group often for updates!

Thank you all for an amazing year of #DolceVitaBloggers, and cheers to the next! 



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a mindful traveler

Great idea for a FB group.
Happy Holidays everyone 🙂

Blossom Twins

So excited for next year and for more wonderful DolceVitaBloggers posts! We absolutely LOVE writing and reading them! <3 Lucy and Kelly xx