Amazing Rooftop Views (and Pool!) at Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites Torino

I recently was a guest at Turin Epicurean Capital, and the Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites Torino was kind enough to sponsor my hotel stay for two nights, for which I am tremendously grateful. This is a recap of my experience and honest personal opinions. 


Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites is located an easy 10 minute walk from Torino Porta Nuova, the main train station.

I was immediately impressed that the city looked even cleaner and more vibrant than when I studied abroad there in 2005. Hosting the Winter Olympics in 2006 has truly done wonders to bring Torino new life.

Note: There are two train stations in Turin. The other is Torino Porta Susa, but that station is farther from the city center. If you want to see the main sights in the city center, such as The Mole Antonelliana and the Egyptian Museum, then you want to arrive at and stay near Torino Porta Nuova.

All you need to do is take the Via Nizza exit from the station, turn right, and walk straight down Via Nizza until you reach the hotel on your right. The exterior is rather modern and unassuming, so I walked past it the first time. It’s kind of like a kiwi: dull on the outside, but vibrant on the inside.

I had my 50mm lens on my camera, which Is great for taking close-ups of food, but not so great for taking pictures inside a hotel, so I borrowed some images from to give you the best sense of the hotel.

Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites

Image source:

The Room

I loved coming back after a day of sightseeing to a place where I felt safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

We stayed in the executive suite on the top floor. The room was modern, spacious, and clean. I loved that there was a little living room space with a sofa, a bar with a refrigerator and coffee machine, and a very spacious bathroom.

Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites

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This hotel has everything you could dream of: a delicious breakfast buffet, a gym, hot tub, sauna, bar, and my favorite part: a rooftop solarium with city views, a giant chess game, and a rooftop POOL!

Pool Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites Torino

Image source:

Here are some of the amazing views from the rooftop solarium:

I felt like staying here was meant to be! The street behind me is the street I used to live on when I studied abroad in Torino! I was over the moon to be in my old neighborhood. 

Best Western Plus Executive Hotel & Suites Torino

It was amazing to see Torino from above! 

Amazing views of Torino from the solarium at Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites!

Chess anyone?!


All of the staff were polite and helpful. One thing that made my day is that when I spoke Italian to them they actually responded in Italian!

I would definitely stay at Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites again next time I visit Torino for the convenient location, luxurious amenities, and exceptional hotel staff. 

Long gone are my hostel days, when I stay away from home, I want to stay in comfort and feel pampered on vacation. The Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites was definitely a treat and met my high standards.

Breakfast Best Western Plus Executive Hotel and Suites Torino

Image source:

Now that you have a place to stay, why visit Torino?

Turin is the fourth largest city in Italy, yet it is often overlooked as a tourist destination. But let me tell you a secret (just between you and me): part of me wants the whole world to know about this regal and elegant city, yet the greedy part of me wants to keep it all to myself.

I might be partial to Torino because I studied abroad there as an undergrad. It feels like my European “hometown.” In fact, I feel more attached to Torino than my actual hometown. That’s why you’ll hear me affectionately referring to the city by its Italian name, Torino. I don’t know if Torino just brings out the best in me, or if there’s some magical energy in this city, but I have had literally the best moments of my life here, caused by no outside factor at all. Torino makes me feel like I am walking on cloud nine; it’s just a feel-good city.

It might be something to do with the fact that this city is just bursting with the most regal & elegant cafés (and chocolate shops) known to mankind. I’m talking cafes with dark wood panels and chandeliers. That’s the norm in Torino. After all, Torino was the first capital of a united Italy, the seat of the Savoy dynasty (Italy was a monarchy until citizens voted to become a republic on June 2, 1946).

You can see the Palazzo Reale, the Royal Palace of the House of Savoy, in Piazza Castello, the main piazza of Torino.

Palazzo Reale, Torino, Italy

Palazzo Reale, Torino, Italy

There are plenty of museums and other attractions to visit in Torino: 

Although there is no shortage of museums and things to do in Torino, one of my favorite things to do is just to stroll under the elegant portici (porticos) and stop for a caffé or some gianduia (chocolate with hazelnut paste).

Farmacia, Turin, Italy

Even pharmacies are elegant in Torino! I love these original signs that add to the charm! 

Turin, Italy

Evening is especially spectacular in Torino when piazzas are lively and filled with golden light and rosé sunsets!

Turin, Italy

The whole city felt fresh and vibrant. A lot of the residual industrial grittiness has been washed away since Torino hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006. 

Mole Antonelliana, Turin, Italy

The iconic landmark of Torino, the Mole Antonelliana, which houses the National Museum of Cinema. 

Piazza San Carlo, Turin, Italy

Fun fact: Piazza San Carlo was closed when I studied abroad in Torino because they were excavating some Roman ruins. This was my first time seeing Piazza San Carlo! 

My only regret is not staying longer in Torino. I will definitely be back, and hope you get to visit someday too! If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Torino, here are some other resources from some of my favorite bloggers:

Leave me a comment or send me a message if you visit Torino! 







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