5 Questions & Answers to talk about Wine in Italian [#DolceVitaBloggers]

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This month the #DolceVitaBloggers, hosted by Jasmine, Kristie, and myself are sharing 5 useful words or expressions in Italian!

My blog is about learning Italian through cuisine, so I thought I’d share 5 questions and answers to talk about wine in Italian!

Per degustare il vino – Tasting the wine

Posso assaggiare questo vino? / Could I try this wine? 

Certo, assaggialo! // Of course, try it! 

La Vista – The look

Descrivi il vino (or descrivilo). // What does it look like? 

*So, there doesn’t appear to be an exact equivalent in Italian for “What does it look like?” That’s why I used the imperative instead! I also recommend this video by Elissa about saying what something looks like in Italian!

  • la limpidezza – the clarity
  • la trasparenza – transparency
  • l’effervescenza (vivacità) – effervescence 
  • le sfumature – the shade/hue

L’olfatto – The smell

Che profumo ha? // What does it smell like? 

Sento il profumo di…/Sembra profumo di…. // It smells like….

Il gusto – The taste

Che sapore ha? // What does it taste like? 

Ha il sapore di…/Sa di… // It tastes like…

Dare la vostra opinione – Give your opinion

Cosa ne pensi?/Che te ne pari? // What do you think?

E’ buono! // It’s good! 

– If you have any variations of these questions to add or any corrections to make, drop me a comment below. Grazie! –

As a bonus, here’s a 20 minute long video that I actually filmed a few months ago of me attempting to describe Amarone della Valpolicella in Italian! I had to pause a lot and look up words, and I’m not even sure if I’m 100% correct, so corrections welcome! My goal is just to share what I learn as I learn, and your feedback is so appreciated!

And just to answer my own question in the video (that I filmed a few months before coming to Italy), YES, there IS an Italian truffle cheese and it’s called formaggio al tartufo. I still need to try it in Italy and compare it to what I had from Trader Joe’s in the States, so stay tuned!

formaggio al tartufo

If you’d like to join #DolceVitaBloggers and share 5 Italian words or expressions with us (the more the merrier, the more we learn!) you can add your link here and then clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page. 


Drink Wine. Learn Italian.
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Ciao, I'm Kelly!

Welcome to my adventures in learning Italian, often while cooking authentic Italian recipes and wine tasting! I love discovering the traditional regional cuisine of Italy and trying to recreate those dishes when I'm back home in the US. I'm also on my way to becoming an Italian citizen through jure sanguinis (by ancestry).

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Questa Dolce Vita (@questadolcevita)

DUDE, how gorgeous is this photo of you being all serious about wine?! I love it! I have to watch your video still but what a great way to incorporate your love of wine and language learning! I’ve never tried to describe wine in Italian, I should! πŸ˜€

Lucy and Kelly
2 years ago

We love that you chose phrases for a topic you love! πŸ™‚ You sound so, so sweet in Italian Kelly, we could listen to you all day! We admire you practicing and filming, you know so much. We need to practice more, you are very inspiring! <3

Lucy and Kelly

2 years ago

You are so gorgeous, Kelly!
I am going to write all these phrases down in my Italian notebook.
By the way, in Filipino, the word “gusto” means “want”.

a mindful traveler
2 years ago

Being a wine lover, I loved this post. Always great to learn more about wine, especially in Italian. Xx

Kristie Prada
2 years ago

You do look super gorgeous Kelly! It’s kind of hard to concentrate on the wine! Lol! Love this twist on the Italian words! I have no clue about wine but I might be able to deceive people now with these! xx

Un po' di pepe
2 years ago

Salute! Amarone is one of my favourites! Ciao, Cristina

My Italian Inspiration (@MyITInspiration)

So useful! Even though I can never seem to speak about wine with any authority in whichever language I am speaking πŸ™‚ I just know too little. Here in Modena, they always ask “fermo?” when you order a white wine, because sparkling is just the more common choice (both for reds and whites). It’s really confusing, because most people would order a prosecco when wanting a sparkling white wine.

LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia

You did such an amazing job! I’m so glad you posted this and I really hope you do others!!! Sei bravissima!!! πŸ™‚ Un bacione.

Moxie d'amore
2 years ago

I love this take on the 5 Italian expressions! I need to take a wine class, there is so much good wine right at the tips of my fingers and I don’t the first thing about wine tasting – I just usually say it’s either good or bad haha! Thanks for sharing!

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