Pet Peeve

Sometimes when you translate a word, it’s impossible to know which translation people actually use. For example, when I translate “pet peeve” on it gives the following options:

piccola fissazione, fisima

oggeto di odio preferito 


cosa che si detesta

cosa che si odia

I think this is one of those idiomatic phrases that just doesn’t have an *exact* translation. Which one do I choose without sounding like a weirdo? My fear is being laughed at when I speak a foreign language…which I really should get over because I often find it “cute” and “endearing” when non-native speakers make these innocent mistakes…

I just got back from three days of vacation in Arizona sans internet…yup my aunt doesn’t have internet in her house…how do people survive without it?!

Traveling is when those avversione really tests my peace and love vibes. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to become a hippie and just surrender to peace and love…but there’s always cosa che mi odia!

My major pet peeve is being rushed, especially on vacation. Being ignored is a tie. And guess what? Both of those happened on my trip, which really brought out my inner pouty child.

If you really want to live, love, forgive, and GROW, then all you need to do is travel.

Peace and love. PACE E AMORE.